Crowdfunding is the solution to driving down healthcare costs and include pre-existing conditions.
So, if you will give me a about 4 minutes, I will explain
There are 3 main things that are creating the extreme costs in Healthcare
1.Insurance companies.
a.They pay the CEOs 100’s of millions of dollars every year
b.In addition Health Insurance Companies are profiting Trillions of dollars when combined.
c.Look at the stock charts of the top health insurance companies showing their stock prices rising by 1000% and more since 2009
These companies are sucking massive amounts of desperately needed money from the system that could be used to pay medical expenses all in the name of profit!
a.The federal government forces the American people to pay for Medicare through payroll deductions and then wastes over $100 billion every year.
b.Wasting over $300 annually for every Man, Woman and Child in the U.S.
Everything the government touches turns into a complete disaster and this incredibly broken system is wasting desperately needed money that could be used to pay for medical expenses.
3.Administration Costs.
a.The insurance companies and the government have created a ridiculously complex administrative process wasting an additional 25% to 30%, or over ¼ of health care costs.
Again, another massive amount of desperately needed money that could be used to pay medical expenses.
Crowdfunding will streamline healthcare
Go to the doctor, specialist or hospital
The provider (doctor, specialist or hospital) sends and invoice for the service
The providers invoice gets paid
This eliminates everything between you and your healthcare provider
The Infrastructure for Crowdfunding is already in Place
Employers withhold Medicare
Health Insurance is available through most Employers
Self Employed Payment System
How a Crowdfunding System will Work
1.Combine the Medicare payroll deduction with Health Insurance Premiums and redirect the funds

2.Create a HEALTHCARE FUND to be held and managed LOCALLY.

3.Create a Board from local citizens
a.Volunteers will be replaced every year however can serve again in 5 years.
Local Business Owners WILL volunteer
Tremendous savings
Insure the money is spent properly
Plus, the more efficient the Fund the greater the savings
a.Hire employees to disburse the funds (pay the bills) job creation
b.Negotiates prices with local Healthcare providers (doctors, specialists and hospitals)
c.Set deductibles and copays (some funds may elect to not have any)
d.Hire a firm audit the fund annually
It really is just that simple There is strength in numbers!!!! and this system will reduce Healthcare costs by 50 to 75% or more.
These Health Care Funds can make low interest home loans and car loans
invest into stocks or bonds bringing healthcare costs down even more
When our ancestors first gazed upon this great land with hearts full of hopes and dreams
They didn’t rely on a Government to decide for them,
They knew there would be unknown adversity and they were willing to take it on and emerge victorious or give their lives in the attempt.
While many Americans are struggling to pay their medical bills
Politicians continue to prove time and time again beyond any doubt, they are only going to make things worse.
Insurance companies are getting richer and fatter
Quality Healthcare is the common thread that binds us all and Crowdfunding Healthcare will allow us to unite together and govern ourselves as our forefathers intended.
Its time to muster the courage that is in all of us as our founding fathers did
So, let’s join together today! Show your support for legislation to crowdfund healthcare by donating Right now!
If you would like to speak to us or have us speak to your group
Please Contact The United States Policy Institute with your questions or comments and to get details for scheduling.
Thank you

This gofundme campaign has been developed to support legislation for crowdfunding healthcare.

Just look at their stock charts over the last 10 years showing their stock prices rising by 1000% or more
The politicians have proven time and time again they are not going to fix anything so we’re going to have to come up with our own solution,
So, to take care of the everyday cold, coughs and minor injuries there is
1.Direct primary care which is growing rapidly around the country
a.You pay a monthly fee of $50-$100 to a direct primary care physician. A direct primary care physician will make house calls, will come to your place of work, you can go to his office, you can send them a picture a rash, you can face time or Skype them and they can diagnose you over the Internet can buy your medications through a direct primary care physician for example a 30-day supply of blood pressure medicine can be purchased for $.50 with no insurance or co-pay primary care physicians have a menu of services that you can purchase from them for example an MRI you can get from a direct primary care physician for around $375

2.Now, to pay for hospital care, the inexpensive medicine, the MRI and other medical procedures No profits are being made and the amount put into the fund will be adjusted depending on the needs of the people the fund is serving.

1.Administrative fees will be reduced by simply billing the local fund for the medical procedure.
2.No more Ponzi scheme of the health insurance companies profiteering off of the misfortune of others bad health more government waste of billions of dollars every year
4.Everyone is covered including pre-existing conditions

We hire these people you send him up there but we don’t tell them what to do when they get there we are relying on them to tell us what they’re going to do
lawyers are hugely expensive and they are seen as leeches feeding and most politicians are lawyers and in the name of greed and job security these politician lawyers have used political correctness to create chaos and carnage from which they feed started we hire these people and send them up there again and I go that you so I want to change my voice I actually like change the way I sound I want to change that would crowdfunding is the solution to driving down healthcare costs and including pre-existing conditions

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